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Resurfacing Concrete Porch Steps: Everything You Need To Know

by Arthur Bates

If the steps leading up to your home's porch are made of durable concrete, you might not pay much attention to their condition. Unfortunately, foot traffic and years of exposure to the elements will inevitably take their toll.

If the surfaces of your concrete porch steps start to degrade, the steps can become both unsightly and unsafe. Concrete resurfacing is an effective and economical way to restore damaged concrete porch steps.

What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing is a multi-step process. First, the surface of your concrete porch steps is prepared. Dirt, moss, and other debris are removed using concrete cleaning products and/or pressure washers. Cracks and chips on the surface are repaired and filled. If the surface of your steps is badly degraded, it may be removed entirely using abrasive blasters, revealing the undamaged concrete beneath.

A bonding primer is then applied to the prepared surface, and a layer of resurfacing surface material is applied and allowed to harden. This new layer is very thin (so-called 'microtopping' resurfacing uses materials a fraction of an inch thick) but is just as durable as the solid concrete beneath.

Once complete, this procedure will restore the appearance and functionality of your porch steps, at a fraction of the cost of having them replaced. The new material will also strengthen and reinforce the steps and can extend their useable lifespan by years.

Choosing The Right Resurfacing Material

The new surface of your concrete porch steps can be made from a variety of different materials. Here are some of the most commonly used resurfacing materials:

Concrete Overlay

Because the layer of material used to resurface your steps is so thin, using regular concrete is generally impractical. Concrete overlay is a very similar material made from cement and fillers, but it also contains specialized polymer binders, which strengthen the material even when spread very thinly.

Concrete overlays are cost-effective and can be closely matched to the appearance of the original concrete, creating a seamless appearance. If you want to add a little flair to your porch steps, a concrete overlay can be customized with stamped or sprayed designs and colored with a variety of dyes. Stamped designs can also add texture and traction to the new surface, improving grip and safety in wet conditions.

Bear in mind that applying these overlays in a suitably thin, even coating can be very difficult and requires specialized equipment. For the best results, you should have your porch steps resurfaced by a professional concrete resurfacing contractor.  

For more information about concrete overlay, contact a local company.