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Keys To Getting On Your First Corporate Bank Board

by Arthur Bates

If you've spent most of your life in the banking industry, one goal you may wish to achieve is joining a corporate bank board. Doing so will give you a totally new perspective on banking practices and regulations. If you've never been a part of one of these boards before, here are some tips that can help you avoid obstacles with this career endeavor. 

Self-Evaluate First

Before you attempt to join a corporate bank board, you need to know what you're bringing to the table and thus how this board benefits from hiring you. In order to accurately identify these strengths or skills, you need to self-evaluate. What positive impacts have you made in the banking industry and how can these past experiences benefit a corporate bank board?

Even if you realize you're lacking in certain categories -- whether it's understanding fiscal policy or managing multiple professionals at a time -- at least you can spot weaknesses and improve upon them before seeking board membership. That should improve your odds of joining.

Show That You Have Reach

A lot of corporate bank boards look for representatives that have a lot of reach in the banking industry. It shows that they worked hard to get to the position that they're currently at and will be an influential member of the board should they get selected.

There are several ways you can show that you have reach in the banking industry. For instance, you can just work your way up the corporate ladder. Eventually, you'll get to a point of having a lot of responsibility like a branch manager or loan officer.

Explain Your Interests

One of the most important ways to sell yourself to a corporate bank board looking to hire new members is giving them an idea of your interests. You need to explain to them thoroughly why you're looking to join this board in the first place.

Maybe it's to have a direct impact on banking regulations in your area or to make getting loans easier for consumers. If you make these wishes known, the board will understand how you fit into the bigger picture of their operations.

If you're a professional banker and believe it's time to join a corporate bank board, make sure you approach this career jump in calculated ways. Then you'll be in a better position to get noticed and have a real shot of joining sooner rather than later. Contact a professional such as William Keyes for more tips and information.