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A Lift Chair Recliner Could Make Life A Little Easier For Your Elderly Parent

by Arthur Bates

If you're caring for an elderly parent in your home, you might find a lift chair recliner is handy for getting them in and out of a chair when they have mobility issues. A lift chair makes it easier to reposition your parent and get them up to stand or walk regularly so they don't get sore or tired from sitting in the same position for too long. Plus, a lift chair makes it safer for your parent to stand and sit since the chair does all the work. Here are things to know before you pick out a new lift chair.

A Lift Chair Recliner Can Take Up A Lot Of Space

Measure your rooms and take measurements of lift chairs so you know what will fit in your home and work for your lifestyle. Lift chairs recline in different ways. Some only go back part of the way, while others go down far enough that the back is flat. A recliner that's flat is almost like having a narrow bed, so you'll want to make sure there is plenty of room for the recliner to operate properly.

Lift Chair Recliners Come In Different Sizes

Buying the right recliner is important for the comfort and safety of your loved one. If your parent is on the small size, a large recliner may have the armrests too far apart to be comfortable, and their feet may not rest on the floor so they can maintain balance.

If possible, take your parent to the lift chair store so your parent can try out different sizes of chairs. If that's not possible, take your parent's measurements and ask the store to help you select the best lift chair recliner for your parent's needs. You might also measure a chair in your home that fits your parent perfectly so you have a guide for choosing the right seat depth and width, as well as height for the chair.

Some Chairs Have Upgraded Features

There are different brands of lift chairs, and they have their own features. You might want a chair that acts as a massage chair or that heats up the cushions. It's also important to choose a chair that's easy to operate if your parent will be managing the controls by themselves.

The fabric you choose matters too. You might want leather since it is easy to clean and won't hold odors like cloth material does. If your parent will eat in the chair or spend a lot of time in the chair, you probably want material that is easy to keep clean, stain-free, and fresh-smelling.