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7 Reasons to Become a CDL Truck Driver

by Arthur Bates

There are many opportunities for driving with a commercial driver's license (CDL). Many companies hire year-round and are on the lookout for good drivers. If you need reasons to take to the road, here are seven: 

1. To See the Country

One of the biggest reasons to become a CDL truck driver is to have the opportunity to see more of the country. Depending on the company and route that you choose, you can cross multiple states every week. With mandatory stops every so many hours built into your delivery schedule, you are sure to have time to stop and enjoy the view or pick up a souvenir. Truck driving can be a good way to travel. 

2. A Love of the Road 

Many CDL drivers love to drive. If you love the open road and watching the miles fly by under your tires, truck driving might be the ideal profession for you. The road has a charm all its own: lonely stretches of highway, sleepy towns, lively city lights, always on the move, and always something new to see. Many CDL truck drivers find the call of the road their reason for taking a CDL truck driving position

3. A Desire for the Nomadic Life 

Truck driving is more than a job, it is a lifestyle. A truck driver's life is almost nomadic, a constant flux of people and places. With a CDL you can sate your thirst for adventure and change. Many people like the simplicity of moving with minimal possessions and baggage from one place to another. 

4. Because of the Quick Training 

Another reason to jump on a truck driving job is that the training is fast, and many companies even pay you as you train. Some companies will even subsidize or completely cover the cost of obtaining a CDL or CDL A. 

5. For the Great Pay 

Most CDL driving opportunities pay well. You can expect to take home a good-sized check every month which can help you save up for retirement or for vacations. 

6. For Job Stability 

Truck driving is a steady industry; goods always need to move from one place to another, and so jobs as a CDL driver are readily available and stable. You can make a solid career out of truck driving. 

7. To Get Out of the Office 

Another reason many people choose to drive trucks is to get out of the office. Truck driving means being your own supervisor, and for many people, being behind the wheel is preferable to being behind the desk.