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6 Answers To Common Questions About CFM56 Engine Stands

by Arthur Bates

Do you want to know more about CFM56 engine stands because you work with airplane engines? The stands offer a secure and spacious place to put these aircraft engines. When you learn more about them, you can decide if you should begin using them.

What Are the Dimensions of the CFM56 Engine Stands?

Because the CFM56 engine stands do come in different sizes, the engines will slightly differ based on the brand that produces each specific stand. You can find stands with the dimensions of 46 x 36 x 28, but there are more extensive options that can hold even more. The measurements for some of the larger CFM46 engine stands are around 162 x 97.25 x 59 inches. If you need to order an engine stand because you plan on transporting one of the CFM56 engines, you should ask about the measurements to figure out how much space the stand will take up and how much space it will have available for the engine.

How Do the Stands Get Transported With the Engines Attached to Them?

After placing one of the engines on the CFM56 engine stand, there are a few different ways to transport the engines with the stands. It does depend on how far they need to get transported. While the stands and engines can get put on an airplane to get transported, it is common to have them added to large shipping containers that massive trucks can deliver to the destination.

Do All of the CFM56 Engine Stands Have Wheels Attached?

Most CFM56 engine stands do have wheels attached to the bottom of them. The purpose of these wheels is to make it possible to push the stand with the engine into a shipping container or relocate it elsewhere. Without the wheels, it would be nearly impossible to move the engine because of its hefty weight. However, when you have an engine stand with wheels, you can push the engine around and move it to different spots when working on it or relocating it.

Will the Engine Fit Securely on the Stand and Stay Put?

The engine will fit perfectly on the stand, staying in place for as long as you need it to when it gets put on the stand the proper way. The CFM56 engine stands get designed with the specific purpose of keeping these large engines still, allowing people to work on them, and preventing them from getting damaged.

How Much Does the Average CFM56 Engine Stand Cost?

When you need an engine stand, you can buy one or rent one for as long as you might need it. If you do not think you will need an engine stand for too long, it may be a smarter decision to rent one for a few days. The average rental price can vary from one business to another, but it should only cost a few hundred dollars per day to rent one of these engine stands. If you need to buy an engine stand because you will regularly work on the CFM56 engines, it is better to invest in one. The stands can cost thousands of dollars but are incredibly reliable and durable, making them a good investment for some people.

What Are the Advantages of Using These Engine Stands?

CFM56 engine stands are convenient to use when working with engines. They come in different sizes and have wheels attached to them to make it possible to move the engines around. You can rent or purchase these stands and use them to keep the CFM56 engines secure, whether they are sitting in a warehouse or in transit.

With information like this, you can decide if you will need to rent or purchase a CFM56 engine stand. When working on these engines, it makes the most sense to have one or more of these stands available to use.