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Sign Up For A Youth Basketball Conference Or A Workshop

by Arthur Bates

If youth basketball will be offered to your campers next summer and the participants will be competing against children who are enrolled at other neighborhood camps, you may be concerned about how you will go about training the new enrollees. Being a good coach requires much more than blowing a whistle or instructing the team members to complete a set of drills. Seek a youth sports conference or a workshop that is geared toward new and returning coaches.

A Youth Basketball Conference

Leading industry coaches and experienced basketball players may serve as guest speakers at a conference. A youth sports conference often encompasses several days of training and seminars. A conference may not be held nearby, which would require you to travel to and from the conference and secure a hotel room. Some programs are all-inclusive and provide transportation to and from the venue where the training will take place, hotel reservations, and meals that will be served during the event.

You will not only be listening to experienced coaches and players during your time away. You will also have the opportunity to meet other coaches who serve the youth and who are fairly new to the coaching industry. A video presentation and speeches may be included with the training package that you choose.

Take notes throughout each session and study the coaching tips that were presented. You may be given a standardized test to determine how much you have retained. If testing is included, each participant who has attended a conference is usually given a certificate upon completion. Your notes will also aid you when it comes time to train the camp members. 

A Local Workshop

A local basketball workshop is another activitiy that may be of interest. During a workshop, you will learn about some practice exercises that will help your youth team members succeed and you will be instructed on how to introduce strategic moves to your players. During a local workshop, all of the material will be presented in a single session.

When signing up for a workshop, you will be furnished with a schedule and a listing of the material that will be reviewed. Some training aids may be introduced during the workshop. If you decide to purchase some aids for your campers, the training devices may help them improve their skills. Just like at a youth basketball conference, you will be presented with a lot of material and should take notes while the instructor and each guest speaker provide a verbal or a visual demonstration.

For more information, contact a resource that provides tips for youth basketball coaches.