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3 Useful Tips When Purchasing A Fire Extinguisher For A Commercial Property

by Arthur Bates

One of the most important devices you could have on your commercial property to take care of a developing fire is a fire extinguisher. There are many different kinds today, but to ensure you choose the right one for your property, keep these tips in mind. 

Choose a Type

An important decision you'll need to make when choosing a fire extinguisher is figuring out what type to get. There are different options designed for different types of fires.

For example, Class A fire extinguishers are designed for materials like cloth, wood, and paper. B fire extinguishers, conversely, are for combustible liquids like gasoline and oil. Class D takes care of flammable metals while a C classification is intended for electrical equipment.

Finally, a K classification is for vegetable oils, animal oils, and fats. Think about flammable threats around your building to choose the right classification. 

Opt For a User-Friendly Design

In the heat of the moment, your brain may get overloaded with information when it detects the presence of a fire. So that you don't hesitate when using a fire extinguisher, you need one with a user-friendly design.

The fire extinguisher shouldn't have a lot of complicated parts or systems. There should be just one button or trigger you have to press to initiate the substances coming out of the system. Probably the best way to see if a fire extinguisher is easy to use or not is to try it out in person. 

Go With a Trusted Brand

As far as commercial fire extinguishers go, brand is everything. It can even be the difference in a fire extinguisher that works optimally when you need it and one that has defects or malfunctions at the worst possible time.

So that you avoid the latter situation, look for a reputable fire extinguisher brand. If you're not sure what these are, go online and see how other commercial property owners feel about different brands. You want to see mostly positive reviews regarding the brand's reliability, fire suppression effectiveness, and affordability. If all of these factors check out, you can purchase a fire extinguisher with confidence. 

Fire extinguishers play a pivotal role in a lot of commercial properties today. Without them, your building could be in serious trouble should a fire start to develop. When choosing one for your building, make sure you know what important factors to analyze. Then, you can make a good purchase with confidence. 

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