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Staging A Home Could Make It Easier To Sell

by Arthur Bates

Trying to sell a home isn't always easy. Trying to sell a model home can be even harder. No one has ever lived there previously, and while this can be appealing to many buyers, it can also make it more difficult psychologically to picture living in the home. Staging the home using model home furniture can dramatically help buyers overcome any hesitancy. Here's a look at the benefits of staging with model home furniture.

Prospective Buyers Can Get A Better Feel For Room Size

It can be very difficult for some people to accurately assess the size of a room or compare the sizes from room to room when it isn't furnished. When rooms are furnished, it is easier to gauge the size. For example, an empty master bedroom may have a buyer concerned whether their king-sized bed, nightstands, and dressers will fit or not. If you, as the seller, stage the room with a typical bedroom furniture suite, the buyer won't have this question in their mind.

Prospective Buyers Can Picture Themselves Living There

One of the many advantages of a model home is it isn't cluttered with the personal belongings of the current owner, which can make selling a home hard. But when a model home is furnished with new furniture, it will affect the prospective buyer positively.

As they walk through the home, they are likely subconsciously thinking how easily they could just move in. They are seeing how the spaces work and the flow between the rooms. They are picturing themselves spending their time in each room and assessing how each would work for their lifestyle and needs. An empty room isn't going to evoke the emotional response needed to make the sale.

Sellers Can Get An Edge Up On The Competition

Buying a home is largely an emotional decision. Yes, certain features, prices, and locations are important, but prospective buyers need to feel connected to a home. That can be difficult with new construction. Staging model homes with furniture will help a buyer remember your home over all the other countless empty ones they have toured.

Homes May Sell Faster And For More Money

A well-staged model home can be so emotionally impactful, you'll likely end up with more interest than had you left it empty. Almost 40 percent of realtors believe staging reduces the amount of time the house spends on the market, and 50 percent of agents say staging can increase the offering price anywhere from 1 to 10 percent.