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3 Helpful Tips When Starting Your Own Magazine

by Arthur Bates

Starting your own magazine is a truly rewarding endeavor that lets you write and express yourself every single day. It can also be challenging, though, given the number of magazines that are already successful today. In order to make your mark in this industry, keep these tips in mind.

Acquire Investors

Like most people, you probably don't have the funds to start your own magazine from scratch. You'll need to find ways to generate money and fast. Perhaps the most effective way to generate funds is to acquire investors, who will provide money up front in exchange for profits or a small percentage of your magazine company.

There are some tips for acquiring new investors, such as being as thorough as possible. You want to explain as much as you can about your magazine to these parties -- so they are confident about a return on their investment. You should also look online for investors, as this saves you time and lets you learn a little more about investors before making a pitch. 

Invest in Talented Writers 

You can have a unique brand and access to wealthy investors, but your magazine won't be successful if there aren't talented writers. You need to focus on building up this talent, looking for professionals who have a unique voice and are grammatically sound. 

There are two routes you can go as far as hiring writers: staff and freelance. Having staff writers around is advantageous because you can talk to them face to face, and provide quick feedback if their work needs adjustments. Freelance writers are beneficial because they work off-site, saving you the trouble of providing costly accommodations. 

Take to Social Media 

In the early stages of your magazine, you need to promote it so that it reaches as many people as possible. Spreading the word is streamlined when you take to social media, and there are so many different platforms you can use.

Create various social media accounts for your magazine, where you can interact with a wide demographic. You can start conversations and post interesting topics, keeping your magazine on the mind's of thousands of users each day. To keep your audience engaged, make sure you develop an online brand and incorporate as much multimedia as you can.

Starting a magazine from the ground up is not easy. There will be roadblocks that you will undoubtedly deal with. You can be successful, though, by having a clear strategy and remaining persistent. To learn more, contact a magazine company like South Land Publishing