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Tips For Keeping Your Office Carpet Clean

by Arthur Bates

When you have commercial carpeting in your office, keeping it clean requires different care than the carpet in your home. You probably spent more money on the office carpet because of the amount of traffic it gets. However, because it is of better quality, it tends to hide dirt better. This causes more damage as the dirt particles rub and cut the fibers. Even though it has denser fibers, they will break down faster with all the traffic. Here are a few tips to ensure that your investment lasts as long as possible.

Partial Cleaning

You may have all the carpeting in the office professionally cleaned twice a year. However, this may not be enough to prevent damage. Instead of paying for everything to be cleaned more often, have the professionals come in every other month to go over the high-traffic areas only. This will not only help those areas but also keep the dirt and dust from getting carried into the other areas.

Spot Cleaning

Ask the professionals for a bottle of spot cleaner. While you probably won't have as many spills in the office as you do at home, they do happen. As soon as there is a spill or notice a dirty spot on the rug take the time to spot clean it. If the area is still wet, blot up any liquid. Trying to clean the spill with water will only push the spill further, creating a deeper or larger spot. Once you have gotten up as much of the liquid as possible, follow the direction on the spot cleaner to get it clean. Besides keeping the office looking good for clients it will reduce any damage that might be done by the spill.


As with your home carpet, vacuuming is important. Have the receptionist or anyone with a bit of spare time run the vacuum through the entire office every day. This is not going to get up all the dust and dirt that have become embedded in the fibers but will help keep the fibers from damage. It also makes the rooms look neat and clean, which leaves a good impression on anyone visiting.

Having clean carpets is important to the finances of your business. Not only will it keep you from having to replace them more often than they should be replaced, it gives your clients a good impression of how you handle your business. A dirty office and that includes the carpeting, will have client feeling you do not take pride in the company and therefore will not take the work you do for them serious.