Avoiding Business Conflicts

Tips For Ordering Custom Stickers

by Arthur Bates

Stickers can be an excellent form of advertising for a new business. In addition to being highly effective, stickers can be a cost-effective solution for enterprises that have very limited budgets. If you are currently considering this option for your company, you may want to follow some simple tips to help ensure that your budget for customized stickers is spent as wisely and efficiently as possible.

Order A Sample Before You Commit To A Large Order

It can be common for those that are ordering stickers for the first time to fail to realize the variability of the quality from one printer to another. Depending on the colors used in your design, you may find that some inks and types of paper may fail to provide the desired look. In order to avoid making a large order for stickers that do not meet your requirements, you should order a sample from any potential provider before you place a large order. This will allow you to review the quality of the available options so that you choose the sticker provider that can best meet your needs.

Consider Opting For Rolled Stickers Over Sheets

When you place your order for the stickers, you will likely have the option of choosing between stickers that are on traditional sheets of paper or rolls. It may not seem like this will be a major choice, but rolled stickers can be far easier to store. This is due to the fact that they will be less susceptible to bending or crinkling. Furthermore, the rolls will be a more space efficient option, which can be valuable when selecting a storage location. There may be some sticker providers that charge more for rolled stickers, but avoiding damages and minimize the space needed for the sticker scan make this marginal additional expense worth paying.

Prepare A Storage Location Before The Stickers Arrive

Before your stickers arrive, you should establish a storage location for them. This is particularly true if you plan on storing the stickers for many weeks or months before using them. Improper storage can contribute to the adhesive on the stickers weakening, which can severely impact their performance and durability. To protect the stickers against this problem, you will want to store them where they will be dry and cool. For those that simply want to store their stickers in a desk drawer or filing cabinet, it may be wise to place silica gel packets in the drawer with the stickers. This will prevent condensation and excess humidity from degrading the adhesive backing of the stickers.