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The Best Promotional Products To Give Away

by Arthur Bates

It's no secret that everybody loves free stuff. Even if it's stuff they don't particularly need, people will clamber to get free things. For this reason, one of the best ways that you can promote your business is by giving away free promotional products, products that bear your business's name and logo and that basically act as free advertisement for your business. Whether you are giving these items away to whoever comes into your office, handing them out at festivals or fairs, or anything in between, promotional products are pretty much always a win-win, building customer trust and brand loyalty and doing the advertising for you. Furthermore, promotional products can be especially effective if you know what kinds of items to give away.

Pens and Pencils

To start off with, pens and pencils are some of the best promotional items that you can give away. Everybody needs to write from time to time, so pens can really come in handy. Plus, people are always letting other people borrow their pens, which means that you'll get loads of free advertising and increase the chances that people will strike up a conversation about your business.

Another thing that works in your favor, believe it or not, is the fact that people are always losing pens! Give enough of them away,and your lost or misplaced pens could end up all over town, subtly letting people know about your business!  

Plastic Cups

It's easy to get very affordable plastic cups that bear your business's name and logo, and these cups make for great promotional giveaways. Not only are cups something that everyone likes, but they are also easy to fill with other promotional items, like business cards and flyers.

Furthermore, if you have an event, such as a party or gathering, you can use the cups to serve up beverages and, at the same time, let everyone at the event familiarize themselves with your business and take home a reminder of it as well.

Stress Balls

One final thing you can give away that everybody loves is stress balls. These are a "hot" promotional item that many people will gladly take.

Plus, they're likely to put those stress balls on their desks in their offices, allowing them to advertise your business to everybody they work with!

As you can see, there are lots of great promotional items out there, so find the one or ones you like best and start promoting your business!