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What Beverages Should You Provide Employees?

by Arthur Bates

Keeping your employees hydrated is an important way to keep employees comfortable, healthy and productive. There are lots of different options for providing beverages to fuel a day in the office; here are some essential beverages to have on hand.

Filtered Water

Having a water filtration system in the office is step number one. A water filter helps ensure quality of taste as well as cleanliness of your water supply. A water filter system may also provide better temperature control, allowing users to get hot or chilled water on the spot. Water softeners can be added to water to improve the taste and remove excess minerals.

If you are looking at water filtration systems for your office, you might notice that there are systems that stand alone and systems that can be integrated with your existing plumbing. A plumbing add-on may cost more money upfront, but it's a good investment if you want to avoid the monthly rental and maintenance fees that come with a water filter that uses a dispenser. Contact a company like American Water Treatment to learn more.

Bottled Water

Even if you have a water filter, it is a good idea to provide bottled water as well. People are more and more on the go, and bottled water will allow your employees to stay hydrated when they go to meet with clients or even when they are in a meeting or working at an alternate workspace within your office.

Healthy Flavored Beverages

Now that we've covered water, the essential beverage, it's time to think about what other drinks your employees might like. Many employees will have some conflict about leaving cokes and other sugary beverages within reach. If they are free and readily available, employees might indulge a little too often and regret it later. You can save them the temptation by providing healthy and tasty alternatives. Many companies make specialty sparkling water and low-carb flavored beverages that are a refreshing break from plain water without all of the added guilt.


Finally, consider adding beer or wine to your repertoire on special occasions. Some offices like to regularly share a beer at 4 pm on a Friday to conclude a successful work week. Other bosses reserve the alcohol for special occasions, such as when a major office project has been completed. Either way, it's a nice gesture to thank employees for hard work. And as long as you use discretion about when to make this beverage available, it can be boost to office morale without hindering your productivity.