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4 Options for Memorializing a Loved One After Cremation

by Arthur Bates

If you recently lost a loved one who opted to be cremated, you may be wondering what options there are for memorials and for remembering him or her. In fact, cremation opens up many different opportunities for honoring someone's passing. Here are several different options you can consider to remember your loved one.

1. A Custom-Crafted Urn

Although the crematorium may provide you with a beautiful urn as part of the cremation package, a custom urn is a great way to truly honor someone who has passed away. Working with a local artist, your crematorium or another memorial manufacturer, you can have an urn created that truly represents your loved one. For example, if he or she was an avid boater, you can have an urn created in the shape of that boat. You can even create bamboo, steel, rice paper, or ceramic urns in all kinds of shapes and styles. Consider what kinds of hobbies or passions your loved one had and put a touch of that personality into the urn you choose.

2. A Vault-equipped Grave Marker

If you opted to purchase a cemetery plot for him or her, you can order a grave marker that is equipped with an ash vault. Usually lined in steel to protect the contents, these vaults provide somewhere to store a small amount of ashes while the rest are buried in the cemetery plot. You can have them created in any shape or size, including the artwork and messages you want put on the face. Opting for something like this will also allow you to plan for a graveside service if you so choose.

3. Custom-ordered Memorial Benches

If your loved one requested that no burial plot be purchased, you might be thinking about other permanent locations for a memorial of some kind. A memorial bench could be just the solution you need. Especially for those who were active in the community, you might even be able to put the bench in a common area, town square or park. Otherwise, many cemeteries have areas dedicated to the installation of things like this.

A memorial bench is one that is crafted with a small vault. In some cases, the vault is built into the concrete foundation while other styles feature a container that's part of the actual bench design. Include a plaque on the bench that lists your loved one's details and consider planting his or her favorite flowers around the area.

4. Personally Designed Keepsake Jewelry

Sealed keepsake jewelry makes a great way to honor someone's memory. Whether you're looking for a pendant or a locket, you can have a small amount of ashes sealed in a piece of custom-crafted jewelry. Add an engraving with your loved one's name and the dates of their birth and passing to truly personalize it.

To make the jewelry even more precious, consider sending some of the ashes to a memorial creation company who can produce cremation diamonds. The ashes are pressed into a diamond that you can have shaped however you'd like. You can have that diamond set into a piece of jewelry of any kind, from a necklace to a ring.

No matter which one you choose, jewelry like this is a great way to not only remember him or her but also to create a family heirloom that you can pass down through the generations. Most of the gemstones are shipped in keepsake boxes, so you can even have the stone or piece of jewelry created and then tuck it away.

As you can see, opting for cremation doesn't mean that you have no way to remember your loved one. Ideas like these offer you many ways to honor their memory while still honoring their wishes. Visit resources like http://www.elmwoodcaskets.com for more information.