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How Nicotine Base Can Help You Transition Away From Tobacco

by Arthur Bates

It's no secret that smoking or chewing tobacco is not good for you, and just about everyone understands that traditional cigarettes are filled with harmful chemicals. If you are looking to cut away from cigarette use, one thing that might be stopping you is nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance found in most cigarettes that leaves you craving your next one. There are various ways to quit smoking and wean yourself off of nicotine, but one of the most enjoyable ways to quit smoking cigarettes may be to switch to vaping with juice that includes a nicotine base. Here's how 200 mg ml unflavored nicotine base vape juice or cartridges may help you finally quit cigarettes.

Vaping Is an Alternative to Smoking That Might Be Better for You

Smoking has been studied a long time, and there's no question that the many chemicals in many tobacco products are not good for you. Vaping is relatively new and involves the inhalation of smoke, but this smoke typically does not contain the same harmful ingredients that cigarettes contain. Vaping even tastes better, as many types of vape juice or cartridges feature mint or other enjoyable flavors.

Nicotine Base Can Be Used Alongside Any Vape Flavoring

Unflavored nicotine base can be used at the starting point within your vape pen, and then you'll add the flavored mint or another flavor on top of it. When you then use the vape pen, each hit will give you a hit of nicotine, just like you were taking a hit off a traditional cigarette. But because it's just vape, you are leaving the harmful chemicals of a cigarette behind.

You Can Add More or Less Nicotine Base as Desired

If you were smoking a pack or more a day of cigarettes before you decided to switch to vaping, you might need to increase the amount of nicotine base you use in your vape pen in order to ensure that your nicotine cravings are satisfied. What you can do over time, though, is slowly lower the dosage until it's near zero. Nicotine base is a great way to slowly wean yourself away from your cigarette addiction. If you feel the craving coming back, just put a little extra nicotine in the next refill.

Unflavored nicotine base as an addition to your vape pen is a great tool to help you quit smoking cigarettes or using other harmful tobacco products. Contact a vape supplier today for more information.