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Upgrading To Climate Controlled Self Storage Is The Smart Move

by Arthur Bates

Whether you currently have a self-storage space but are looking for a more premium experience or you are about to rent a self-storage unit for the first time, there's are plenty of reasons why you should be storing your valuables within a climate-controlled space. Here's why climate-control is worth the extra money the next time you go to sign a self-storage contract.

The Right Temperature Will Protect Your Most Precious or Valuable Items

Are you currently storing family heirlooms or precious antiques in your basement or attic? What about your wine or art collection? There are likely any number of high-priced or sentimental items in your home that may currently be stored at a less than ideal temperature. Moving these items into a climate-controlled environment will help preserve their value either until you need them or until you are ready to pass them down to the next generation.

Even If You Don't Need a Specific Temperature, Climate Controlled Storage Has Advantages

A self storage facility with no climate control likely hasn't spent too much money on properly insulating the building. This means in addition to exposing your items to extreme temperatures, it is also more likely your possessions will be subjected to dust. Climate controlled storage on the other hand usually has wall to wall insulation which can help keep dust at bay. Climate controlled facilities are also usually indoors, and this can help you avoid issues with flooding or pests.

Greater Peace of Mind

Even if most of your items are not easily perishable, it can simply give you greater peace of mind to know that everything is being stored in a premium environment. You won't have to worry about rushing to the storage facility if you see that the temperatures are about to go down below zero in the winter or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. You can simply store your things away and then forget about them until you actually need them.

Switching to climate controlled storage can provide you with a number of advantages over your current situation. You'll be able to protect your more perishable items from the heat or cold, and a climate-controlled facility is usually better built across the board when compared with a more standard self-storage facility. Climate controlled storage will give you greater peace of mind as the seasons change and the temperature fluctuates. Contact a local self storage facility today for more information.