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Too Many Guests For Your Bathroom? Try These Things

by Arthur Bates

Summer is the ideal time to throw parties, cookouts, and other outdoor activities for your relatives, family friends, and coworkers. To accommodate your guests' personal needs, you must make a few changes in your home first. One of the things you must consider is your toilet. If the plumbing below your toilet is too worn or old to handle extra toilet paper or human waste, it can cause a chain reaction of problems in your house. You can still enjoy your party and keep your guests comfortable with the tips below. 

Ask a Plumber to Check Your Toilet

Toilets that feature older plumbing pipes can easily clog up with toilet paper and solid waste. The debris can quickly cause problems with the ventilation pipes in your home as well as the sewer line in your front yard. If any of the systems clog up too much, they can eventually leak and collapse

A plumber can check, and possibly clear out, the drainage pipe sitting below your toilet. The pipe empties directly into the main sewer line, so you want to keep it as clear and clean as you can. A plumber may also examine the small ventilation pipe found on the very top of your roof. If the pipe clogs up, it can trap air, water, and sewer gases in your plumbing system.

If you still don't feel comfortable about your toilet, consider the option below.

Order Portable Bathrooms

You may consider renting a portable bathroom for your summer party needs. A portable bathroom generally comes with its own waste pumping station and handwashing system. Some porta potties come with hand dryers, which eliminates the need for paper towels and hand towels. 

Before you order or rent your portable potty, you must decide where to place it. If you want your guests to have maximum privacy, consider placing the portable toilet in your backyard or behind a privacy fence. If you don't know where to place the potty, ask a supplier for guidance.

You may also want to use a double-use or large potty for your needs. Single-use portable toilets may be too small for large gatherings. Some suppliers rent heavy-duty single-use portable bathrooms to their customers. You may consider this alternative as well.

Finally, decide whether or not you want to rent a "high-tech" potty or regular potty. These types of toilets come with built-in water tanks and electrical power. If you have concerns about using water or saving energy, ask a supplier about this option as well.

For more details about portable bathroom rentals, contact a supplier or company near you today.