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What Type Of Security Options Do You Absolutely Need At A Storage Facility?

by Arthur Bates

Many people worry about security at storage facilities. Most modern facilities have the basic security options, but some people may feel they need a little extra. Understand the more robust the security, the more you will typically pay for a unit. But how much security is enough? And how much may represent a little too much for your needs?

Start with the Basics

The most basic storage setup involves a unit with a lock. For many people, that's all the security they need. The storage facility may provide you with a lock or you can purchase on of your own. In addition, some storage facilities have electronic locks. In such cases, you would only need a code.

Fencing and gates also represent a basic security feature. Good fencing is a proper deterrent, and a gate helps to control who enters and exits. Many modern facilities make use of electronic gates, so a code that only you know can get you in and out.

All of these basic features are enough to assuage most security concerns. Some people need more options for their peace of mind. You may also want to store high-value items, so you want more protection than the basics.

Cameras, Alarms, and Sensors

If you need a little more, seek a facility that employs cameras, alarms, or both. Many facilities have a few cameras as a basic line of security, but some have full surveillance systems that monitor every part of the facility. Most facilities will have at least gate surveillance. Some others may have a camera for rows of units or every unit.

The camera systems may have a monitoring center where someone views them, but not always. There's also the question of whether the facility records the video or not. If they record it, ask about their record keeping policy. For example, they may only keep 24-hours of video at any given time.

The facility can make use of alarms. These alarms can work with the cameras if there's also sensors. Alarms can signal unauthorized access at the gates. Some or all units can have alarms for the same reason.

Staff On Hand or Near at Hand

Some storage facilities have people there during certain hours of the day. Some rarely have people there. Do you need security on hand or a facility manager who lives close by? Many people are willing to forego many other security features if they know that at least someone will remain close by or on the premises at all times.

How Much Security do You Feel You Need?

Security at storage facilities is of the utmost importance. However, it's easy to go overboard. Your security needs should have to do with what you're trying to store, as well as your budget.

Most people don't need anything beyond the basic security features. If you have any concerns, just speak to the storage facility personnel. They can let you know how their security works, and discuss insurance options with you as well. Storage companies like SaveMor Self Storage LTD can answer questions for you.