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How A Concession Equipment Repair Service Can Keep Your Flat Bottom Fryer Running Efficiently

by Arthur Bates

Rides and games are not the only things that attract people to the fair. Some people attend this event just to get food. Funnel cakes are one of those food items that can make concession trailer owners a lot of money. To cook funnel cakes, you are going to need a fryer. A fryer is used in 85 percent of food establishments. Read on to find out how a commercial cooking repair service can keep your flat bottom fryer run efficiently.

What Is The Flat Bottom Fryer?

Flat bottom fryers are one of the best for cooking funnel cakes. They have a wide surface that gives the funnel cake enough space to float on top of the oil. With this fryer, you do not have to worry about loose batter sticking to the surface and burning. It also heats from the bottom.

This unit can run on electricity or gas. However, propane tanks are probably your best option. They are portable and you will find more hookups.

Check Your Thermostat Periodically

It helps to check the thermostat on your flat bottom fryer. Your fryer must get to the right temperature to produce quality food. It takes a deep fryer around 20 minutes to preheat. For these reasons, you must have your thermostat inspected to make sure it is working properly.

The thermostat can also alert you when the fryer is too hot. When your fryer gets too hot, you should turn it off and allow it to cool. If it overheats again, then you should have it serviced.

Make Sure Your Timer Works

Some flat bottom fryers come with timers. It allows you to leave the fryer to do something else and alerts you when the food is done. Fryer operators need to know the exact temperature and cooking time. If not, it can produce of variety of results when cooking your food.

Keep Track Of Control Buttons

Fryers come with controls for making them function. The controls are usually located on the front. For example, a control button is used to move the temperature up and down. If you lose a control button, then you have a problem. You will need a repair man to replace the missing controls.

If you are thinking about going into the concession business, then you should build a relationship with a commercial cooking repair service. A repair service, such as CS Techs Inc, can help you maintain your food equipment and save you money.