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Three Reasons To Hire A Private Detective When You Suspect Your Spouse Is Cheating

by Arthur Bates

If you have reason to believe that your spouse is cheating, your initial reaction may be to confront him or her over it, or you may want to spy on your spouse to find out the truth. But neither one of these approaches is a good idea. Your best strategy is to hire a private investigator to determine whether your suspicions are true. The following are three reasons why this is true.

Your suspicions may be wrong

A private investigator can place your spouse under surveillance without him or her knowing about it. If it turns out that your spouse is not having an affair, you will have this information without them ever knowing they were being investigated. If you attempt to follow your spouse around to catch them cheating, you are likely to get caught. If your spouse isn't cheating, this can destroy the trust in your marriage, and this can hurt your marriage unnecessarily.

Your suspicions may be right

You don't want to confront your spouse, only to find out that your spouse is having an affair. With the help of a private detective, you can find this out without alerting your husband or wife. In the event you decide to pursue a a divorce, you will an advantage over your spouse because he or she will not know you are aware of their infidelity. A private detective is able to do their investigation discreetly, so your spouse will not be tipped off and therefore won't be able to engage in counter measures prior to divorce, such as hiding assets from you.

A private detective can document the affair

Not only can a private investigator confirm whether your spouse is cheating, but they can also document the infidelity. For example, photos or even video can be taken of the couple in a public area kissing or embracing in inappropriate ways for anyone other than a couple in a romantic relationship. Or the couple may be recorded entering and exiting a hotel. This type of documentation is difficult for an amateur to gather and to gather legally. This type of evidence makes it nearly impossible to deny the affair. It is also the type of evidence that may be valuable to a divorce attorney if you wish to take that route.

Before you make a rash decision about what to do concerning your suspicions about your spouse, you should contact a private detective. Let the investigator know why you are suspicious, and he or she will be able to explain exactly how their services can help you find out the truth about your spouse.